About Us

My father began making signs in the late 1960s in the basement of his home.  In the early 1970's, he bought a piece of land outside of the city limits of Siloam Springs.  The address at that time was R.Route 3, Box 94.  He converted an old metal building into his sign shop, and today it looks much the same as it did 30 years ago.  Then, the land he purchased consisted of 5 acres of what used to be an expansive orchard. The orchard was called Happy Valley Orchard.  My father decided to name his sign company Ha-Va Sign (short for Happy Valley Sign Co.). 

The landscape is much different today. The orchard is no more.  The land has now been annexed into the city and rezoned as commercial.  Our address has evolved to be 911 friendly.  The nearly 100 year old farm house that sits on the property (and where we live) is literally 17 feet from one of the largest intersections in town!  My father and mother have long since passed on.  Shortly before my father died, my mother sold the Hava sign business to Terry Allard.  When Terry recently retired to pursue other interests, my husband and I had the opportunity to purchase the business, where we now continue with their craft of providing quality products and exceptional service to our fellow business owners and anyone else in need of good signage and/or marketing materials.     

- Kris Farmer, owner

Hava Sign currently consists of husband and wife team, Cliff and Kris Farmer.